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Thursday, May 13, 2010

On The Road Again

As surely as God made little apples (as my dad says), school visit season gives way to book tour season, when I spend every weekend away from my nearest and dearest, unless I can persuade them to come with me, and act the Scholar Gypsy. Or maybe Author Gypsy.

I won't try to pretend I hate this. I love being on the road, collecting Hampton Inn points, trying out local eateries (not fine dining as a rule, but rather still in search of the best BBQ pork in the South...) Best of all, I really do enjoy sitting in bookstores and assailing innocent customers as they attempt to cruise by me, and giving them the book pitch. I don't feel in the least bit sleazy: My books are good, and they get kids excited about history. I have the courage of my convictions, and every sale is another planted seed.

The only hard part is trying to get bookstores to agree to let me--or any author who isn't super-famous--to take up corner space. Fortunately, Barnes and Noble in Columbus, GA and Jacksonville, FL, and The Book Worm in Powder Springs, GA, have all graciously hosted me during the past few weeks, and I have been delighted with my sales. Two last stops: This Saturday, May 15, at Park Road Books (Charlotte, NC) ad next Saturday, May 22 at Taylor Books in Charleston, WV. And then it's time for writing season. Even better. :-)

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