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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Real Life

This blog has been neglected of late, and how many times have you heard  that before? Much as I enjoy writing here, I am even more enamored of my new venture, Imaginative Journeys, a nonprofit I set up about six months ago to act as a formal structure for Camp Snipesville, the camp I created last summer.

I never thought I could top TimeShop, the kids "time travel" program I developed some years ago, but Camp Snipesville has done it. Instead of a scripted journey through themed rooms on one day in one place in history, we spend a week on a particular period and theme in American and/or British history. Every day has its own theme, every day is different, and our approach, while grounded in history, is multidisciplinary, with a particular emphasis on music and art. Lindsey Jenkins, a young local artist, is our art educator, and she does a fantastic job with the kids.

What I love about the program is that it requires less elaborate scheduling, less money (a good thing in this economy), and fewer--but more qualified--staff than did TimeShop, yet the children have an even better experience. Our relaxed timetable (but always with extra activities planned, just in case of downtime) allows us to lengthen or shorten activities depending on our needs. We have frequent short play breaks to ensure that the more active kids have a chance to blow off steam. And getting to know the kids over a week of shared play and experiences is a blast. For more on Camp Snipesville and Imaginative Journeys, please visit our new web site: It's a bit rough around the edges, but it gives you some idea of what we're about...

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