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I'm author of The Snipesville Chronicles. I'm also a published academic historian, but don't hold that against me.Oh, and I'm a Brit. I just happen to live in Georgia.

Monday, November 16, 2009


Thanks to all the teachers who attended my presentation and authors' panel (along with Shelia Moses and Rich Michelson) at the NCSS (National Council for the Social Studies) meeting in Atlanta.
It is always great to have a platform from which to spread my non-boring history gospel, but two platforms at the same conference? Priceless.
I enjoyed meeting the teachers, and if I'm disappointed at all, it is that so many of them were lured to the booths of evil Big Publishing to collect trinkets and insidious propaganda, rather than to the more modest premises of those of us in the Exhibit Hall who actually had something substantive to offer... Still, can't complain. :-)


Hector Macdonald said...

Dear Dr Laing

I admire your ambition to bring history alive for younger people, and would like to encourage you to contribute to www.bookdrum.com, where you can add information, images, video, music and links to illustrate and explore favourite history books.

Right now, we're running a $3,000 Tournament and we'll be offering contract work to the best entries. This may interest you, or you may have colleagues or students who would like to take part.

Best wishes

Hector Macdonald
Editor, Book Drum

Annette Laing said...

Hector: That's a great concept, and I may do just that. Thanks!